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Novelty, Theater, and Costume Hats, Gangster,
Stove Pipe, Top Hats, Derbys and Bowlers

Gangster Hats Lincoln Stove Pipe Hats High Top Hats Derby and Bowler Hats
Permafelt hats for your collection.
All our hats have STYLE and CLASS !
Beautiful, Theatre or Costume quality,
Great for Swing era, Retro or Vintage costumes 1920's, 1930's,
1940's, 1950's also 1960's 1970's 1980's 1990's 2000,
as well as a Zoot Suit accessory.
One size, Large, fits an average 23" head.

Gangster / Pimp Hat

Michael Jackson, Blues Brothers
Al Capone
Gangster / Pimp Hats

Gangster Pimp Hat

Quantity: Gangster Hat Colors:

White & White White & Black White & Red White & Rose White & Purple White & Blue
Black & Black Black & White Black & Red Black & Rose Black & Purple Black & Blue

White & Black ostrich.jpg White & Red ostrich.jpg White & Rose ostrich.jpg White & Purple ostrich.jpg White & Blue ostrich.jpg
Black & White_ostrich.jpg Black & Red_ostrich.jpg Black & Rose_ostrich.jpg Black & Purple_ostrich.jpg Black & Blue_ostrich.jpg

Lincoln Stove Pipe Hat

Quantity: Lincoln Stove Pipe Colors :

Black & Black Lincoln Stove Pipe Top Hats White & White Lincoln Stove Pipe Top Hats

Top Hats

Quantity: Top Hat Colors:

White & Black High Top Hats Black & Black High Top Hats Grey & Black High Top Hats Brown High Top Hats

Derby and Bowler Hats

Quantity: Derby and Bowler Hat Colors:

Black Derby or Bowler Hat Gray Derby or Bowler Hat Browm Derby or Bowler Hat

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