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Faceted Pony Bead Opaque Black Color     Opaque Black Faceted Pony Bead             Check out our new Pony Bead page to see more Faceted Pony Beads
Beads Made in the USA
All of our molds were designed, hand crafted and machined in Connecticut by American tool makers.
We offer 27 bead styles in over 100 colors and also metal plated finishes. Our quality plastic and metal plated plastic beads are ideal for the discriminating jewelry designer. Our talented work force is dedicated to producing the finest molded plastic beads for the lowest possible price. The beads are available for sale by the case, sometimes called loose bulk, or packaged in small bags. We are continuously adding new colors and styles of beads to our line. Our beads are sold worldwide through distributors and wholesalers. We hope new wholesale customers will find the information in our web page useful and will be interested in adding our quality plastic beads to their line. We welcome inquires from individual bead crafters and store owners. If our minimum order is larger than you need we'll be happy to try and accomodate you anyway, just contact us!
Faceted 4mm
Faceted 4mm
Rondell 6mm
Rondell 6mm
Pony Bead
Pony 6'9mm
Faceted 6mm
Faceted 6mm
Spagetti Bead
Spaghetti 19'6mm
Butterfly Bead
Butterfly 10'12mm
Faceted 8mm
Faceted 8mm
Star 10mm
Star 10mm
Heart Bead
Heart  Vertical or
Horizontal Hole
Faceted 10mm 
Faceted 10mm
Star 12mm
Star 12mm
Faceted Pony Bead
Faceted Pony 6'9mm
Faceted 12mm 
Faceted 12mm
Star 18mm
Star 18mm
Mini Pony Bead
Mini Pony 4'7mm
Round 18mm
Round Bead 18mm
Star 25mm
Star 25mm
Melon Bead
Melon 10mm
Global Faceted Bead
Global Facet 18mm
Tri Bead
Tri Bead 11mm
Ring 16mm
Teardrop Bead
TeardropVert. Hole18 or 22mm
Holly Bead
Holly Bead 23'12mm
Corrugated Ring
Corrugated Ring 10.5mm
Corrugated Disc
Corrugated Disc 10.5mm

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